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In order to expedite resolution of your radon concerns and since construction methods and building codes are similar throughout Colorado, often, Radon-I-Nator, LLC can provide a firm price and a written proposal to customers via email. Once the firm price is established, the location of the system can be determined with the Mitigation technician at the time of installation. Radon-I-Nator, LLC can usually provide a free quote within 24 hours, provided we have the following information. Please fill out the form as thoroughly and accurately as possible. If you require additional information from Radon-I-Nator, LLC please let us know at the end of this form and a representative will contact you for consultation and/or a free onsite inspection. If we require additional information or need to schedule a free on-site inspection in order to provide a firm price, we will contact you.


Approx. what year was the structure built?

Why is radon mitigation being considered? Are you the Seller? The Buyer? The Agent?

If you are the Agent, are you representing the seller or buyer and what is your Agency Information

Is the home Homeowner occupied? If not is there a lockbox?

Is the foundation:  Brick Concrete Cinder Block Other
Is the residence:  Single Family House Townhome Duplex
If it is a Townhome is it an:  End Unit or Center Unit
Is the residence a:  One-Story Ranch Two-Story Tri-Level Bi-level Other
Does the structure have a crawlspace?  Yes No
If yes, approximately what size?
Is the crawlspace under a concrete or wood foundation or is it a regular crawlspace?  Yes No
If yes, is it accessible (about how much space between the foundation and the dirt)?

If yes, how large is the concrete or wood?

Does the structure have a basement?  Yes No
If yes, approximately what size?
Is the basement finished?  Yes No
If yes, approximately what percentage%:

If finished, does the basement have an unfinished room on an outside wall? or is it adjacent to the garage?  Yes No

Does it have a concrete slab, a structural concrete slab, or structural wood floor?

Does the structure have a Sump Pit?  Yes No
If yes, does it have a sump pump?  Yes No

Where is the pit located in the basement?  Central Along an Outside Wall

EX:is it in an unfinished or finished part? If it is finished is it covered? Or in a small little closet? Is it by a garage wall?

If there is an existing sump pump would you like a quote on a replacement pump?  Yes No

If you do not have a sump pump, would you like a quote for a new pump and discharge piping?  Yes No

What heating method is used? (i.e. in floor radiant, gas forced air, baseboard)

Does the house have an attached garage?  Yes No
Is there living space above the garage?  Yes No

If there is no living space above the garage, is there an unfinished room in the basement or is the crawlspace adjacent to the garage?  Yes No

What type of roofing material exists on the structure?  Composite Shingle Concrete Tile Wood Shake Other

Have there been any additions adding to the square footage of the house since the original construction?  Yes No

If yes, please describe:

What were the radon level test results?
pCi/L date tested?

How did you hear about us?

If found online, please specify which site:

Would you like to request:
 A firm price proposal via email based on this information?
 A consultation phone call with a radon professional prior to receiving the written proposal?
 A free onsite inspection prior to receiving the written proposal?

Additional Comments: