Radon-I-Nator in Denver, CO – Pricing


Our Pricing:

Basic System w/ 40 ft SDR35 pipe, Radonaway RP145 fan, comes with a 5 year warranty and a test kit for retesting  $900
 Garage & System  $200 and up
 Custom Internal Chases  $500 and up
 Roof Soffit thru Asphalt Shingles  $100
 Roof Soffit thru Tile and Metal  $400
 Larger Fan w/ Muffler RP265  $225
 Paint the System  $75
 Perimeter seal: $200-$650 depending on size
 Crawl Space Seal: up to 4,000 sq ft (depends on accessibility)  75¢ to $2.00 sq. ft.
 Clear Sump Lid  $100
 Two Slab Penetrations  $200 and up